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Castle ruin Neideck Wiesenttal

Castle ruin Neideck
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The former medieval castle above the village of Streitberg is only partially preserved. Nevertheless, the Neideck castle ruins are considered landmark of Franconian Switzerland.

The castle complex itself consists of three sections separated by deep neck moats. The actual ruins of Neideck castle include the outer castle and the main castle, which is located on a rocky outcrop projecting to the north-east and whose tower still stands today. Since 2008, it is possible to climb to the top of the 10-metre-high wall, which offers a wonderful view

Occasionally, cultural events such as theatre performances take place in the castle. 

The Neideck castle ruins can be visited at any time and admission is free. However, visitors must be prepared for a short walk of up to 20 minutes, as direct access by car is not possible. 

A visit to the Neideck castle ruins can also be optimally combined with a trip to the nearby Binghöhle Streitberg, a natural karst cave.

Historical Information

© TZ Fraenkische Schweiz / Florian Trykowski

The Neideck castle ruin is considered a landmark of Franconian Switzerland.

Neideck castle was first mentioned in a document in 1312. However, archaeologists assume that it was built as early as the 12th century. For a long time, the noble castle was the ancestral seat of the powerful noble house of the Schlüsselbergs, who had control over the area that is now Franconian Switzerland.

The best-known story is that of Count Konrad von Schlüsselberg, who incurred the wrath of the Würzburg and Nuremberg bishops in 1347 by setting up a customs post in Wiesenttal. They attacked Neideck castle and fatally shot the count with a stone bullet. An anecdote tells that the count was sitting in his 'privy chamber' at the time.

In its long history, Neideck castle survived several attacks and wars and changed its appearance correspondingly often. After the Second World War, the municipality of Streitberg decided on initial conservation measures to save the landmark. In 1996, extensive renovation work began, which was completed in 2008. Since then, the archaeological park has also existed in the castle area.

How to get there

The ruins of Neideck castle can only be reached on foot. Cars can be parked in Wiesenttal at the open-air swimming pool in Streitberg. From there, clearly signposted paths lead to the castle ruins. Alternatively, parking is possible on the plateau in Trainmeusel. The walk from there to the ruins takes about 20 minutes.


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