Tourist Attraction Marienberg Fortress Würzburg in Würzburg and romantic Franconia - the Franconian Lakes: Position on map

Marienberg Fortress Würzburg

Marienberg Fortress Würzburg
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Marienberg Fortress is located on the left bank of the Main not far from the centre of Würzburg. The fortifications include the Princely Building Museum, the Princely Garden and the Maschikuli Tower. The Maschikuliturm is a massive gun turret, which was built between 1724 and 1729 to secure the southern flank of the fortress. Balthasar Neumann, who built the tower, was also the architect of the Würzburg Residenz.

Princely Building Museum

The exhibition in the Princely Building Museum of the Bavarian Palace Department is spread over two floors. On the first floor you can admire the Bibra Apartment with its precious furniture, tapestries and paintings, the Princes' Hall with its early Gothic tapestries, the large Echters' family carpet and a princely treasury and parament chamber. The 2nd floor contains a collection of fortress and town history, which is provided by the "Museum für Franken" (formerly Mainfränkisches Museum).

Prince's Garden

The 1300 square meter princely garden is accessible from the castle courtyard. It was probably built in the 16th century, around 1700 it was refurnished and in 1937/38 it was restored according to the plans of the early 18th century. The two garden pavilions date back to around 1700, one of which even has a late baroque stucco decoration. From the Fürstengarten you also have a great view of the Main.

Historical Information

© Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung (Foto: Nürnberg Luftbild, Hajo Dietz)

On the Marienberg, which had been inhabited since the late Bronze Age, there was probably a fort of the Franconian-Thuringian dukes in the early 8th century. The church belonging to it was raised to the status of the first bishop's church of Würzburg in 741. From 1200 onwards, an unusually large castle was built there for that time. In the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance it was further expanded. In 1631 Johann Philipp von Schönborn had Marienberg surrounded by a wreath of massive bastions, due to the storming of the castle by the Swedes in the Thirty Years' War. Shortly before the end of the Second World War, the fortress almost completely burned out in 1945 and was rebuilt by 1990.

Interesting facts

How to get there

By car

By car you can reach Marienberg Fortress via Höchberger Strasse and Oberen Burgweg. Numerous parking spaces are available here.

By public transport

You can reach the fortress by bus with bus line 9, which is used by the WVV during the summer season.

On foot

The fortress can of course also be reached on foot. You have the choice between different footpaths through the vineyards. These start very close to the Old Main Bridge, in the centre of Würzburg. Especially in summer an absolute experience.


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