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Puppet Theater Museum "Die Kiste" in Augsburg

Puppet Theater Museum "Die Kiste" in...
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The ship of "Wilde 13" is part of the permanent exhibition.
© Maria Kerler The ship of "Wilde 13" is part of the permanent exhibition.

Urmel, Jim Knopf, Kater Mikesch - names that instantly call up childhood memories in the minds millions of Germans. The puppet stars from Augsburger Puppenkiste can be visited in their natural habitat at the museum "die Kiste" (lit. the box). Around 650 square metres of stage sets, costumes, and sketches allow you to immerse into the world of the famous wooden puppets.

In two little cinemas, TV hits of over 60 years of Puppenkiste productions are shown, while a periscope allows for a 360 degree view behind the scenes of the theatre. Visitors also learn about the creators of Augsburger Puppenkiste. The "Geist" (lit. ghost) installation at the far corner of the exhibition is another special experience. Inside of a mysterious white lair you practically turn into a marionette yourself - with a surprising result. The exhibition is completed by different special exhibits and workshops on topics such as famous couples or handcrafts.

A visit of the museum takes approximately two hours. Guided tours are available in Engilsh, French, and Italian.

Historical Information

True-to-life: Scientist Habakuk Tibatong, pig Witz, and Urmel aus dem Eis on the little island of Titiwu.
© Maria Kerler True-to-life: Scientist Habakuk Tibatong, pig Witz, and Urmel aus dem Eis on the little island of Titiwu.

Plays for children and adults have been played at Augsburger Puppenkiste since its opening in 1948. It became famous all over Germany around 1953, with its tv productions about Jim Knopf and Urmel.

When the venue was renovated and Puppenkiste switched rooms, the puppet theatre museum "Kiste" was created. It opened its doors on 6 October 2001 and has since become the most successful of its kind in Europe, with over 1,000,000 visitors.

How to get there

"Die Kiste" is located inside Heilig-Geist-Spital in Augsburg's old town. On public transport, bus 32 in direction Zoo will get you from Hauptbahnhof to Margaret. Tram line 3 in direction Haunstetten West until the stop Rotes Tor, or line 6 in direction of P+R Friedberg West until Rotes Tor are other options. Moreover you can take regional trains R1, R2, or R11 until Augsburg Haunstetter Straße and continue on tram lines 12 (direction P+R Augsburg West) or 3 (direction Stadtbergen) until Rotes Tor.

If you travel by car, coming from motorway A8 exit at Augsburg-Ost and park your car at "City-Galerie" carpark. Exit at "Cinemaxx" and follow the signs. The museum is a 10 minute walk away. Coming from road B300 (Friedberg/ Dasing), leave your car at P+R "Spickelbad" and take bus 32 in direction Klinikum BKH until Fachhochschule or Margaret.


Augsburger Puppenkiste Museum... | 05:28
Inside the puppet theater museum »die Kiste«, located in...
Periscope (lab binaer)
On the occassion of his 50th birthday the director of the...


Augsburger Puppentheatermuseum "die Kiste"
Spitalgasse 15
+49 (0)821 / 450 345-0
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