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Roman Museum Fort Boiotro Passau

Passau, Innstadt

Roman Museum Fort Boiotro
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One of the exhibition rooms.
© Stadt Passau One of the exhibition rooms.

The Exhibition

The museum was opened in 1982 and is located near the river Inn in Passau, Germany. All exhibit samples are archaeological finds, almost all of which were found in the region of Passau. The samples shown in the museum stem from the period between the 8th century BC and 476 AD, the end of the Roman Empire. The museum building itself is an exhibition sample too. Going back to the middle ages, it was built on the foundation of the late Roman fort Boiotro.

Media Used for the Exhibition

The museum uses various media to portray the Roman history in Passau. It shows a virtual reconstruction depicting the historic townscape of Passau, but also uses numerous touch screens and listening stands. In the museum's garden you can find remains of the Roman fort walls and guard towers. This is history alive!

Further Exhibition Rooms

In the basement, an exhibition is presented about trade and economy of Passau from Stone Age to the Roman Empire, while the last rooms of the museum cover the period of late antiquity. 

Interesting facts

How to get there

Exterior view of the museum.
Simon Höfle Exterior view of the museum.

By Car

The Roman Museum Fort Boiotro is located near river Inn in Passau, Germany. If you wish to travel here by car, head towards Passau. Once there, you follow the roads leading to the river Inn. You then cross the large Maria-Hilf bridge crossing the river. You turn right into a one way street straight after the church. After a few minutes you should spot the car park reserved for the guests of the museum.

On Public Transport

You can easily travel to Passau on public transport as well. Depending on the direction you come from, take a regional train to Passau. In Passau you can comfortably move around on foot as basically everything is a few minutes of walking distance away. 


Passau in römischer Zeit | 03:12


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Sehr interesant !
on 27 Oct 2017
Passau, where I lived for first 10 yrs. of my life ,enjoying learning more about my home town.
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