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Black Forest National Park Seebach im Schwarzwald

Black Forest National Park
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Let nature be nature - the national park's motto.
© Charly Ebel / Nationalpark Schwarzwald Let nature be nature - the national park's motto.

Black Forest National Park is the first and only national park in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and extends over 10,000 hectares. You can explore the area on 400km/249mi of designated hiking, biking, and horse trails. To ensure the protection of the nature and its inhabitants, general rules were put in place for visitors. You can find all necessary information about the paths and the regulations online or at the national park centre.

The national park unites various different natural environments, such as moors, forests, meadows and waterfalls. Its granite and gneiss stone base also makes it interesting geology-wise. The mixed forest, the rock area, and the three lakes are home to numerous animal, fungal and plant species. You can explore Black Forest National Park on your own, or with a guided tour. Furthermore, there are exciting events all year round.

Historical Information

Explore the park in a special way.
© Charly Ebel / Nationalpark Schwarzwald Explore the park in a special way.

Black Forest National Park was founded in 2014. It is a so-called development national park, and was segmented into core, development, and management zone. The core zone exists free of human intervention already. The development zone still needs some assistance, but will join the core zone within the next 30 years. The management zone, however, will not be able to survive permanently without intervention of the national park team

How to get there

Wildsee is one of the three lakes at the national park.
© Charly Ebel / Nationalpark Schwarzwald Wildsee is one of the three lakes at the national park.

By car

Coming from motorway A5, take exit 53-Achern towards Achern/Strasbourg-Nord/Rheinau and follow L87 downhill towards Baiersbronn. From here, follow the signs pointing to Naturschutzzentrum, where you can park your car.

Public transportation

You can use the national park ticket to get here on public transport.


Vier Jahreszeiten im Nationalpark... | 03:39
Unterwegs im Nationalpark Schwarzwald


Nationalpark Schwarzwald
Schwarzwaldhochstraße 2
Seebach im Schwarzwald
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