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Pilgrimage Church of Wies Steingaden


Pilgrimage Church of Wies Steingaden
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The lavish interior decoration of the Wieskirche is a masterpiece of the Rococo period.
© Ammergauer Alpen GmbH, Foto: Stephan de Paly The lavish interior decoration of the Wieskirche is a masterpiece of the Rococo period.

The pilgrimage church of the Flagellated Saviour on the Wies - in short Wieskirche or just "The Wies" - near Steingaden is a true rococo jewel and to this day a popular destination for pilgrimages in the Pfaffenwinkel.

Masterpiece of the Rococo

The interior of the church is decorated with opulent stucco works such as gilded garlands and elaborate ceiling frescoes. In comparison, the figure of the Flagellated Saviour, which stands in the centre of the church and is the origin of its name, is very simple in design. Two monks had put it together from parts of old figures from the monastery of Steingaden. The interplay of architecture, painting, light design and landscape gives the Wies a special atmosphere. Due to its outstanding artistic significance and its pilgrimage tradition, the Wieskirche was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

Museum and guided tours

There is a pilgrimage museum in the prelate's house which is dedicated to the history of the Wieskirche as well as the monasteries and pilgrimages in the Pfaffenwinkel. However, the museum can only be visited on a guided tour. Guided tours of the Wieskirche are also possible by appointment. Concerts are also held here in summer.

Historical Information

The Wieskirche near Steingaden is an important pilgrimage church.
© Ammergauer Alpen GmbH The Wieskirche near Steingaden is an important pilgrimage church.

The church goes back to the figure of the suffering Jesus at the scourging column. In the summer of 1738, the farmer's wife Maria Lory saw a moisture in the eyes of the figure, which she mistook for tears. This miracle of tears prompted a pilgrimage to the Flagellated Saviour, whereupon the Premonstratensian Abbey of Steingaden had a pilgrimage church built. Thus, from 1745 to 1754, the Wieskirche was built in rococo style.

How to get there

From Augsburg follow the B17 via Landsberg am Lech and Schongau to Steingaden. There you turn left onto Ammergauer Straße in the direction of Wildsteig/Garmisch-Partenkirchen. After about 2.5 kilometers you turn right to Wies. There is a paid parking lot at the Wieskirche.


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