Most popular tourist attractions in the Bavarian Forest (most views)

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At an elevation between 8 and 25 metres (about 26 to 82 ft), the tree top walk rises through the trees of the mountain forest. Several points of...
Adult €10
Child €8
Sen. €8.50
32 °F
Bavarian Forest National Park is the first and oldest national park in Germany . On 243 sqare kilometres, the area by the Czech border follows the philosophy of 'letting nature be...
34 °F
The 68 metre high city tower once served as a fire and watchtower and is now the landmark of the city of Straubing. On the top floor of the tower, in the Türmerwohnung lived...
39 °F
The town of Furth im Wald in the Upper Palatinate has two interesting municipal museums to offer. The historic city tower and the adjacent buildings house the 1st German Dragon...
39 °F
The Gäubodenmuseum gives an insight into the history of the city of Straubing and its surroundings, the Gäuboden. The highlight is the Roman department,...
Adult €4
39 °F
The Further Wild Garden is a biotope with many native animal species , including birds, game, reptiles and insects. In addition, an underwater observation...
Adult €4.50
Child €4
Sen. €4.50
39 °F
Whoever visits the Museum Village Bavarian Forest experiences a journey into the former reality of life of the inhabitants of the Bavarian Forest. Old...
Adult €7
39 °F
The Japanese Garden is a place of deep peace. The Japanese Garden in Furth was also created as a retreat from the hectic world. Harmony, peace and restraint determine the atmosphere...
39 °F

8 most popular Tourist Attractions in the Bavarian Forest

1.Tree Top Walk in the Bavarian Forest National Park
2.Bavarian Forest National Park
3.City tower Straubing
4.Dragon museum and Landestormuseum Furth im Wald
5.Gäuboden Museum Straubing
6.Wildlife park Furth im Wald
7.Bavarian Forest museum village in Tittling
8.Japanese Garden Furth im Wald

Tourist Attractions in the Bavarian Forest

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